Ranking high among the NY childcare providers, we pay utmost importance to the children’s safety. You may be sure that at Bambi Day Care Centers your child will:

  • be supervised at all times
  • be surrounded by friendly and dedicated caregivers who are trained in childcare and early-childhood education
  • play and sleep in safe environments
  • play with good quality, clean toys with no sharp edges
  • have limited (or no) TV viewing

Our daycare in Brooklyn is a licensed center that is regularly inspected for health and cleanliness. The diaper changing area is located far away from the children’s play area. All the cleaning supplies and other toxic materials are locked in a cabinet, so there is no access to them. The electrical outlets are covered with protective caps in all rooms and there are window guards on all windows except for designated fire exits. There are functioning fire extinguishers and smoke alarms indoors. The first-aid kit is easily accessible and emergency numbers are posted. All outside play areas are enclosed, and the surfaces under all equipment are soft. There are security gates both at the top and bottom of stairs.

Being responsible childcare providers, we have a written policy on caring for ill children. You should be informed that your child will be sent home if any symptoms of illness appear during the day. In this situation, we will try to isolate your child from the other children in the group and will contact you as soon as possible.

In the case that a child gets involved in an accident while at day care, he or she will be given appropriate first aid immediately. If it is determined that a child needs to be seen by a physician, parents will be notified at once. Emergency card instructions will be followed. If parents or other designated people listed on the emergency care form are not available, we will take the child to the nearest hospital for treatment.