Dear Bambi:

When the time came for us to choose a preschool for our child, we were excited yet overwhelmed. There were so many factors to consider when selecting the right place for our son. At BAMBI daycare, we immediately knew that our child was where he belonged. The faculty makes the school an amazing place to learn and grow.

Our experience in the Pre-K program has been more than we ever anticipated. Although each child has their moments when they’re upset, we were surprised when upon returning from school Jonathan wasn’t his usually happy self. Jonathan explained that he was upset because he realized that the school year was coming to an end and he was sad that his teachers will no longer be a part of his life. I comforted Jonathan by explaining that it is okay to be upset, but that his teachers and friends will always be a part of his life, because they will always be in his heart. In a clear and fluent sentence, Jonathan responded: “Mom, you don’t understand — one hundred years from now I will not remember what kind of a house we lived in or the way my room was decorated. I won’t remember how many toys you bought me or what my clothes looked like. But I will never forget how much I loved my teachers and the sadness I feel now when I think of leaving them”. My heart was about to burst because at that moment I was so proud of my little boy.

Through the tireless efforts and commitment to nurturing the children, each child feels unique and is encouraged to explore and learn in a fun and creative atmosphere while acquiring an excellent education.

Our son has grown leaps and bounds socially and academically and has blossomed into a confident child and avid learner.

For this, we thank you.

Alla Menkes

Testimonial by Alla Menkes

We’ve been attending the Pre-K group all the year long.

The daycare center has spacious, lightful, well-equipped playrooms. Hot breakfast, interesting exercises with respect to the age peculiarities of each child, drawing, application, music. And even walks!
All these activities fitted in the 2.5-hour schedule due to strict regime and good discipline.

The amount of homework is reasonable, and it is checked and graded each week. We’ve learnt to add and subtract in different ways within the “first ten” numbers, to construct logical chains, got to know the mix of what colours yields orange, how to plant seeds and observe their growth, learned the basics of personal hygiene and of eating together. And much more to this. But all this is merely a “by-product” of fascinating pastime.

The most important thing is the ability and zest for acquiring knowledge, child’s curiosity and interest. In Bambi Day Care, a child not passively consumes knowledge, but rather actively digs for it. And at this age the satisfaction from the process of learning is of the highest priority. As the parents, we were happy to see that our child enjoys an interesting childhood.

A child should have an aim to go for. First a small aim, then a bigger one. In Bambi Day Care the aims are set, and these aims are high. Children are provided with maximum various possibilities for realizing their creative potential that is innate to them. A thousand mile path starts with the first step. Bambi does its best that a child’s first steps to the adulthood were taken with confidence and interest.

Kindest regards,
The family of Rudchuk

Testimonial by Anastasiya Rudchuk